DreamPort Connector Kit - Replacement Frame (DreamPorts not sold with this SKU)
DreamPort Connector Kit - Replacement Frame (DreamPorts not sold with this SKU)
DreamPort Connector Kit - Replacement Frame (DreamPorts not sold with this SKU)

DreamPort Connector Kit - Replacement Frame (DreamPorts not sold with this SKU)

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Want to buy the DreamWay Connector Kit by itself as a replacement part, but get your DreamPorts somewhere else? Then this offering is the perfect opportunity at $49.00. MakeSleepEasy offers the best pricing online. This UPGRADED DreamWay Connector Kit comes with a Vent Diffuser and all new Heat-set Tube for a super quiet and incredibly flexible experience. Just understand that NO DREAMPORTS ARE SOLD WITH THIS PACKAGE. You will not be able to use it, if you didn't buy DreamPorts. 

All items sold at MakeSleepEasy are packaged separately to provide a complete replacement system. It is highly recommended that you invest in a CPAP Tube Management system to anchor and support your primary CPAP tube. YOU MUST CLEAN YOUR SKIN WITH AN ASTRINGENT BEFORE APPLICATION (Rubbing Alcohol or Isopropyl Alcohol are great for stripping the oil off the skin). DO NOT USE SOAP AND WATER TO CLEAN SKIN. SOAPS HAVE OILS AND MOISTURIZERS IN THEM THAT WILL MAKE THE ADHESIVE FAIL.

Watch this important Training Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=1yUJSkqDVQE

Make sure to watch all of the DreamPort & DreamWay training videos on YouTube to make sure you understand the entire DreamPort system and how to use it correctly. The majority of issues end users face start simply with a misunderstanding of how all the components function and connect together. A five (5) part video series is on YouTube and all five are embedded below to review here under Media. You are encouraged to watch them, as everyone's nose is different and there are literally hundreds of ways to apply them, but there will be only one unique way for you. If you have any issues call 919-619-7170 to setup a webinar with BleepSleep.

Watch this important Training Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=1yUJSkqDVQE

Product Features

Tired of bulky PAP masks and straps that prohibit moving around and limit your ability to get to sleep because they leak or hurt? With the Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution, anyone can easily use a laptop, personal tablet, watch TV or read. Most end users feel less claustrophobic reaction because the design under-mounts the nose unlike other masks.

DreamPort System - Product Features:

  • Headgear Free Comfort
  • Designed not to leak - adhesive foam provides a great seal
  • Hypoallergenic, Latex-Free and BPA-Free
  • Designed to Fit Nearly Anyone
  • Nothing Goes In the Nose - It's not a nasal pillow
  • Easy breathing - Provides more laminar flow than a traditional nasal pillow mask
  • Smallest and Lightest mask-solution in the World
  • Short Tube Design Moves with you



No Headgear Means No Strap Marks, Broken Hair or Neck Pain

The Bleep-DreamPort patented design enables therapy without the irritating problems found in most headgear-based PAP masks. Gone are the unsightly indentations in your cheeks and around yours eyes that last for hours in the morning. Nothing presses into your forehead and no silicone cuts into the bridge of your nose. And if you're concerned about bald spots, broken hair or permanent ripples in your hairline, DreamPort has your back. No headgear means none of those issues. Fall in love with PAP without the neck pain and muscle aches straps can cause.

Adhesive DreamPorts Provide Leak-Free Sleep

The adhesive patches used in the design of the DreamPort are are easy to put on and take off. For the best seal, it's important to make sure your nose is clean; with all oils, dirt, and makeup removed. You'd apply them just like you would a bandaid to the base of the nostril and the side of the nose. Once attached, the QR Sockets on the DreamWay clip into place.

The DreamPort accommodates pulling and tugging in different directions, allowing for stomach and side sleeping. A tube management system is highly recommended to control the weight of your primary 6' PAP tube.

Hypoallergenic - Latex-Free and BPA-Free Design

The Bleep DreamPort Mask system won't cause any allergy flare-ups and is completely latex and BPA-free. The hypoallergenic surgical foam is great for anyone who has problems with allergies.

Minimizes Claustriophobia

Ever felt like having a PAP mask on felt like breathing in a bag? For most end users, feelings of claustrophobia stem from discomfort with the mask, associated with feeling trapped in a box or anxiousness due to size. The Bleep DreamPort uses no headgear and creates a wide field of vision, meaning you'd be less likely to feel the discomforting feelings you'd normally associate with claustrophobia.

Short Tube Design is Great for Active Sleepers

This mask uses a short tube design that moves with you while you sleep. This is a huge benefit for active sleepers, who move frequently during the night and require added flexibility. The adhesive included with the nostril covering DreamPorts is designed to hold firmly and be gentle at the same time, keeping the mask in place while you move about.

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