Night Owl- Home Sleep Apnea Test

Night Owl- Home Sleep Apnea Test

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This state-of-the-art home sleep testing device is the most advanced on the market. You must have a smart phone with Android or iOS to use this device, You must download and use the Night Owl app. The device will be delivered to your home with directions and access to support staff to answer any questions. This is all you need to confirm the diagnosis of sleep apnea.

This device can also be used to confirm that your current CPAP/BIPAP is working appropriately. Simply wear the Night Owl while you are wearing your CPAP or BIPAP.

No return is required for this equipment.  It is disposed of after use. 

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Before the home sleep test can be shipped, the patient must be evaluated by a medical professional in order to make sure he/she is an appropriate candidate for home sleep testing.  You will either need a telemed visit with one of our providers or you can forward an order or prescription if you have a provider directing your care.