Home Sleep Testing - return required
Home Sleep Testing - return required

Home Sleep Testing - return required

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Available in the continental United States only.  This Type 3 cardiorespiratory device  monitors four channels that include respiratory effort, airflow, oxygen saturation, and heart rate.  The device will be delivered to your home with directions and access to a support staff to answer questions. This is all you need to confirm the diagnosis of sleep apnea.

This purchase is for a seven day rental of the equipment.  Return packaging and postage are included.  An equipment deposit is required at check out with this purchase.  If the device is not returned within 7 days you will forfeit $100 of your deposit.  If you do not return the equipment after 14 days you will forfeit your entire deposit ($200).

Before the home sleep test can be shipped the patient must be evaluated in order to make sure he/she is an appropriate candidate for home sleep testing.  You will receive a questionnaire that must be filled out before we can ship the test.  Alternatively, you can forward an order or prescription if you have a provider directing your care.

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