Bleep-DreamPorts 16 Night Supply (Enter Discount Code: Dreamports15 at Checkout)
DreamPort Sleep Solution encourages side and stomach use without the annoying leaks caused by a pillow disturbing the silicone seal or traditional headgear. This means more consolidated sleep with uninterrupted arousals due to leaks.
DreamPort Sleep Solution can be worn with facial hair by simply shaving an 1/8" of smooth skin below your nostrils.
The DreamWay Connector, when used with a tube management system, does not come in contact with the skin or lip. No teeth are necessary to stabilize the DreamWay the way silicone masks require support below the lip. Because nothing inserts into the nostrils, unlike a nasal pillow mask, no chaffing or breakdown around the nostrils is experienced.
DreamPort's unique design, as seen here, allows for nothing to be inserted into the nose like a nasal pillow. The openings are 27% larger than a large nasal pillow opening. This eliminates the jetting sensation associated with nasal pillows and dramatically improves laminar flow, making the DreamPort incredibly easy to breathe on for both inhaling and exhaling.
The front of the DreamPort, as seen here, has the vent located on the bottom of the frame to steer exhalation away from your bed partner. A diffuser for the vent makes it incredibly quiet.
DreamPort Sleep Solution allows for more freedom of movement with CPAP use. Tube management of the primary 6' CPAP tube makes the DreamPort nearly weightless.
Bleep-DreamPorts 16 Night Supply (Enter Discount Code: Dreamports15 at Checkout)
Bleep-DreamPorts 16 Night Supply (Enter Discount Code: Dreamports15 at Checkout)

Bleep-DreamPorts 16 Night Supply (Enter Discount Code: Dreamports15 at Checkout)

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Enter code: Dreamports15 at checkout for additional savings.The DreamPort has arrived! DreamPort is a revolutionary new interface using adhesive patches to keep the mask frame in place. That means NO STRAPS or any sort of headgear, which also means NO LEAKS, NO MASK LINES, and NO BROKEN HAIR. The system is comprised of 2 parts - the reusable Bleep DreamWay Connector Kit and disposable DreamPorts (adhesive patches) for 16 nights of use.  DreamPreps are recommended for cleaning the nose prior to using the Bleep Dreamport. In order to use the mask the first time you must buy the Dreamway Connector Kit AND the DreamPorts. Enter code: Dreamports15 at checkout for additional savings.

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DreamPorts offer no leaks and better sleep consolidation through an innovative design meant to be one-size-fits-all. They provide a perfect fit on almost every shape of nose with minimal footprint on the end user's face. This significantly reduces claustrophobic reaction compared to typical PAP masks. Nothing inserts into the nostrils like normal nasal pillow cushions, reducing irritation of the nares and chaffing. Because the openings are 27% larger than nasal pillows, more laminar flow is produced, allowing for easy breathing on both the inhale and exhale. DreamPorts are Hypoallergenic Surgical Foam Adhesive. They are both Latex-Free and BPA-Free.

  • DreamPorts are one component of the DreamPort Sleep Solution; a separately purchased DreamWay mask-frame is required for use.
  • DreamPorts are designed not to leak and provide better sleep.
  • One-size-fits-all design, even difficult to fit noses.
  • NO headgear and nothing inserts into the nostrils with the DreamPort!.
  • Made with hypoallergenic surgical foam adhesive, DreamPorts are latex-free and BPA-free.
  • Designed to ensure no marks on the face, no leaks, dry eyes or broken hair.
  • A separately purchased DreamWay is required use.

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