6 Month Supply of DreamPorts (12 Boxes)

6 Month Supply of DreamPorts (12 Boxes)

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Bleep DreamPorts - 6 Month Bundle 

Don't need a Connector Kit? No Problem. Are you already a DreamPort user and want to take advantage of bulk purchasing power? Then here is our 6 month bundle (12 boxes for 192 nights of use), the savings never stops. DREAMPORTS NET DOWN TO $0.89/NIGHT with a 6 month supply order, which equates to $14.25/box. NO REFUNDS ARE OFFERED ON THIS BUNDLE PURCHASE. THIS IS MEANT FOR CURRENT DREAMPORT USERS ALREADY FAMILIAR WITH THE PRODUCT.

Training Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=1yUJSkqDVQE

This is recommended for end users already on the DreamPort and want to make it their go to PAP Solution for significant savings. At this price, using DreamPorts net down to $0.89/night for use, less than a cup of coffee.

This pricing includes FREE SHIPPING. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OFFERED WITH THIS BUNDLE PACKAGE. Make sure you have tried the DreamPort and DreamWay Connector Trial Pack offering before investing in any of our yearly bundles.