New User PAP - Deluxe Package
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New User PAP - Deluxe Package

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This package includes everything you need to get started using a PAP machine - 1) Deluxe PAP machine, 2) PAP mask, 3) access to a respiratory therapist to help you acclimate to using CPAP.

Our Deluxe PAP machine is the best auto-titrating PAP machine available on the market. This unit by an international manufacturer is an auto-titrating or "smart" PAP machine that monitors every breath you take and adjusts the pressure automatically.  The machine is quiet and small.  The machine comes with a Bluetooth connection which allows the PAP user and his/her provider to monitor usage and efficacy with cloud based software. It comes with a heated humidifier and a cell phone modem so your medical provider can effortlessly track your progress.

You will need to chose the mask to include with your package.

You will be contacted by one of the clinical staff before the machine arrives to guide you through getting used to your PAP machine.

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