The only constant is change

If there is anyone out there following this site, you probably noticed we no longer offer PAP equipment on our site. This may come as a surprise. How can we make it easy to treat sleep apnea if we do not provide equipment? Simple.  There are plenty of good websites that sell CPAP equipment and probably do a better job than we do.  Rather than sell equipment, we will direct you to the sites that are offering the best prices on equipment.  The reality is we simply cannot compete on price. Part of the reason I started years ago was the tremendous markup on equipment.  That is not the case.  Good ole capitalism is doing what free markets do - make prices fair.

We will continue to offer novel sleep equipment like the Bleep Dreamport. If you hear of a new device or therapy we should offer please let us know.

In addition it gives us time to focus on what we do best - manage sleep disorders. We will still be there to help with the diagnosis, to make sure you are choosing a good machine, and to make sure your machine is working optimally. If for some reason prices become less competitive, we will step back in.