How to use

The goal of this site is to make it easy for people to get the care and equipment they need for managing sleep disorders. I want to prevent you from having to look like I did 14 years ago when I did my sleep testing.

The most common questions I receive through the messaging page are how to use this site. If you are not sure what to do I recommend purchasing the Sleep Specialist Care.  No guessing will be involved. You will get exactly what you need.

If you are concerned about sleep apnea I recommend you start by using our online sleep apnea screener with instant feedback. We will make recommendations from there.

If you want to pay cash all you have to do is purchase the item you want. We can accept payments from Healthcare Savings Accounts, Healthcare Reimbursement Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts.  If you want to use health insurance you can either have your health provider make a referral to us  or you can all 704-248-0000 and give us your health insurance info and schedule a telemedicine appointment.