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My Child Doesn't Sleep

Several times a month I meet a very distraught parent for the first time with the complaint “my child just doesn’t sleep”. They are always accompanied by a child that is conscious and breathing. I reply that their child must be sleeping because if the child wasn’t sleeping at all they would be dead within two weeks.

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Choosing a CPAP mask

There are hundreds of CPAP masks available in all shapes and sizes. Patients with sleep apnea frequently ask me which is the best one.  If you ask 100 different patients you will probably get dozens of different answers so don’t make a decision based on what other people wear.

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Read this if you cannot sleep

The good news is if you think you cannot sleep you are probably wrong.  It's not that you can't sleep - it's that you are not sleeping like you want or you are not getting the results from sleep like feeling refreshed that you expect. The reality is if you cannot sleep you die.  If you are reading this then that has not happened yet.

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